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Brit Body Perfume by Burberry for Women

Thomas Burberry created British Body Perfume in 2011. This perfume is best for women, who are classy and stylish. Chypre fragrance has an excellent base note that is woody, musky, and sandalwood mixed with fruits that give a unique smell, in Chypre fragrance's base notes are the main notes that last longer. This fragrance can use on daily bases. The top notes are Peach, Freesia, and Wormwood and Heart note come with Sandalwood, Iris, and Rose, and the last base notes are Musk, Vanilla, and Amber. If you like sweet and musky fragrances for daily use you can buy British Body Perfume.

Brit Cologne by Burberry for Men

British Cologne by Thomas Burberry was designed for men in 2004. Floral notes blended with spicy notes are very traditional. British Cologne Perfume wins two awards; FiFi Award Best National Advertising champion and FiFi Award Fragrance of The Year Men`s Luxury 2005. This perfume is very classy with a modern touch. Spicy notes blended with floral notes give a classy fragrance. The top notes are spices Cardamom, Ginger, Green Mandarin, and Bergamot; and the heart notes are cedar, Wild Rose, Nutmeg, and the last base notes are Tonka Bean, Musk, cedar, Woody notes, and Patchouli.  

Brit Perfume by Burberry for Women

Burberry’s Brit Perfume is a perfect sensation of crisp icy pear, along with almond and intense vanilla. It provides a warming amber effect when sprayed on the pulse point; behind the ears and on the wrists. The top note opens with a fresh fragrance of Green Almond, Icy Pear, Lemon Grass, and Italian Lime followed by a sugary and lush aroma of almonds leaving behind the base of Mahogany, Amber, and Vanilla. The bottle of Brit Perfume is now available in 30, 50, and 100 ml EDT. It is also available in travel size so could be used whenever and wherever needed.

Brit Rhythm Intense Cologne by Burberry for Men

Brit Rhythm Perfume by Burberry for Women was launched in 2014 by Nathalie Cetto. Best suited for women who live with passion with confidence. It starts with the main notes that are blended with Lavender, Pink Pepper, and Neroli and the middle notes are Orris, Petalia, Blackberry leaf, and Orange Blossom which give a slight smell, and base notes are Musk, Woody notes, Vetiver, and Cedar. It smells only for 6 to 8 hours, not a long-lasting smell. This perfume is connected with the Rhythm of instruments and music. Body smell is the first impression that connects person to person, so without any hesitation choose Brit Rhythm Perfume.

Brit Sheer Perfume by Burberry for Women

Brit Sheer Perfume by Burberry is loosely based on the replication of a free British woman in a light, free, summery mood. The top notes of Litchi, Yuzu, Pineapple leaf, and Mandarin Orange add a sense of summery warmness to the scent; Peony, Peach Flower, and Pear add a feminine odor to our fragrance leaving behind a cheery scent of White Musk and White Woods. Eau de Toilette classifies the fragrance to the family of florals and segment of Luxury. It is available in a shimmering travel-sized pink colored bottle suitable for the season of summer and is easy to carry wherever needed.

Brit Sheer Perfume by Burberry for Women

Brit Sheer Perfume by Burberry for Women was launched in 2015. Best suited for women, who want to live life with joy and happiness.Best for a fun-loving girl who wants to enjoy every day. It is best suited for both the summer and winter seasons day time, so if you are planning a party on a sunny day you can go with Brit Sheer Perfume. The first smell comes with top notes that are Litchi, Pineapple, and mandarin orange, which give a sweet and fresh smell. and continued with heart notes that are. floral and fruity fragrances like Peach and Pear and the last base note are White Musk and Whitewood.

Brit Splash Cologne by Burberry for Men

British Splash Cologne by Burberry for Men was launched in 2015. This perfume is best suited for men because this has a very natural aroma. aquatic fragrance mixed with woody notes that give a special aroma to handsome men's personalities. Aquatic notes come from watery fruit notes from watermelon. The best time to wear it is on sunny summer days when the body is sweating. The top notes are starts with the Rosemary, Galbanum, and Melon which are juicy notes, and heart notes start with floral notes of Lavender and Alfa-Alfa, and the last base notes come with Vetiver, Musk, and Moss.  

Burberry Brit Perfume

Burberry Brit Perfume is created by Nathalie Cracia in 2003. The top notes are starts with Almond, Pear, and Lemon middle notes start with Sugar and Peony and the last base notes are Amber, Vanilla, and Tonka bean. This Perfume is designed for women for daily use. Do you have any plans for winter vacation? or any plans for a chilled night out? then you blindly go with Burberry Brit Perfume, which is for winter daytime and nighttime for all-night queens, who like to impress the whole world, and also for partygoers persons, who like to rock the dance floor.

Cologne by Burberry for Men

Cologne by Burberry for men was created by Creations Aromatiques and Michel Almairac in 1995. It is a luxurious perfume from the British time, best suited for men. The aroma of this cologne is very impressive, that's why it is the best choice for men of all age groups. The top notes start with Mint blended with Lavender and Bergamot, and Heart notes are Sandalwood, Cedar, Jasmine, and Oakmoss lastly comes Base notes are Amber, Musk, and Vanilla. Spicy notes come with Mint which gives a cooling aroma and Sandalwood which give warmth so that if they blend with each other they give a fresh aroma. You can buy this cologne for everyday wear purposes.  

Her London Dream Perfume by Burberry for Women

Her London Dream Perfume by Burberry for Women is a new generation perfume launched in 2020 by Jérôme di Marino and Maïa Lernout. It is best for young girls and fun-loving ladies who are college and school girls. It can be used for daily purposes and for long hours. Basically designed for teenage girls at this age you enjoy your life to the fullest, so you have many concerns about body odor so don’t you worry girls Her London Dream Perfume is best for you. Suitable for everyday use and for special occasions. The Top notes are starts with Ginger and Lemon, the Center notes start with floral notes of Rose and Peony and the last Base notes are Amber and Musk.